◆LINK CIRCUIT INC would like to be linked with you on PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS business.

Since foundation in 1982, we have been dedicating ourselves to our business below-mentioned , accumulating much experience and know-how. We are much pleased to meet your rigid requirements and expectations.
Our motto is to always consider how to offer you good service, namely, prompt delivery, even in a small quantity, of a variety of high quality products produced with high technology. We are trying our best efforts always to be a good partner of those who are engaged in developing electronics equipments.
So far, we have been concentrating our efforts to the domestic market, however, in the future, we hope to establish business relations with overseas customers especially in Southeast Asia and the USA, exploiting our sales opportunity and enhancing technological capability.

1. Our mainline of business.

(1) Designing, fabricating and assembling of prototypes of printed circuit boards.

LINK CIRCUIT INC. has gained the highest reputation as a design bureau and a fabricating and assembling company of printed circuit boards to meet various kinds of tough requirements of our clients.

(2) Developing of electronics equipments.

If you have any problem on your new products development and are looking for solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will surely help you with your urgent requirements.

LINK CIRCUIT INC. has an integrated network on engineering and electronics fields. A number of companies in the network have their own specialized and dedicated capabilities to various products e.g. switching power supply systems, protective relaying systems, wireless control systems, telecommunication systems, F.A. equipment and computer peripherals.
We have encountered with all these companies through our PCB business.
It is not wise of you to spare a lot of time and efforts to the areas which are not your specialty.
Just contact LINK CIRCUIT INC. and it will mean that your contact the network system and a number of specialists within the network. The linking network is our recommendation for your new product development.

2. Main equipment

PADS Perform 4 units
PADS Power PCB 3 units
Protel 99SE 1 unit

3. History

Year 1982: Founded business.
Year 1987: Registered LINK CIRCUIT INC..
Year 1990: Introduced 3 units of CAD system. These are compatible with EDA.
Year 2003: Moved into the office building of Saitama Industrial Technology Center.

4. For your inquiries, please contact

Address: Itabashikuritu Monodukuri Innovtion Center 5-D room
3-5-8, Funato, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 174-0041, JAPAN
Phone: 0081-48-299-3060
Facsimile: 0081-3-5939-8288
President: Gen Hagiwara
E-mail address: sales@link-circuit.co.jp
URL: http://www.link-circuit.co.jp/

5. Others

Certificate acquired: ISO 14001
Acknowledgment: By Saitama Prefecture as Excellent Company contributing to environmental protection.